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When I think about what my dream job would be the first thing that comes to mind is being the one that does casting for porn. Just imagine for a moment what that must be like. To have all these gorgeous women begging for the opportunity to do porn and you’re the gatekeeper. You get the very first interaction with them. You’re the first to see what they have under those clothes and what they’re capable of in bed. Thousands of women just throwing themselves at you so you’ll pick them.

Watch as women show off their bodies and special skills of seduction. They’ll do their best to make you and anyone that’s ever watching want to fuck them. Try to give their best head and take an extra inch just to impress you. That has to be the best job in the fucking world.

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I love nipples like hers with such a similar skin tone as her tits that they kind of blend in. Now that I just wrote that down and am able to read it back to myself it sounds weird and i can;t help ask myself “why?” and honestly I don’t have an answer to that. It just does.

Then again why do some people find it hot to suck on someone’s toes or get caned so hard that blue welts form. None of those are appealing to me but I can respect that it is to other people for the reason “just because”. We’re such a bunch of weirdos as a species.

Gotta love Foxy Di’s shiny pussy in this scene as well. I guess it’s lube as I know by far the greater majority of pornstars lube their twats pre-scene it’s just that they mostly take care that you can’t see it. Apparently this chick couldn’t care less, put some lube on her hand and slapped it on that pussy.

This is an amazing network, definitely one of my favourites. You can not go wrong by taking on a 21 Sextury Discount of up to 83% off.

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